From London to Nice: 8 things I missed about Nice

Welcome back!

I’m back in my beloved South of France! I’m starting this article in a happy mood because I’m just too happy to be back home, in Nice, in my apartment on the French Riviera… after spending a month and a half in London. I might as well tell you that by the end of my stay, I was seriously starting to dream of pains au chocolat and cheeses and was even ready to book an earlier-than-expected flight from London to Nice!

A few months ago, I had already published an article about my trip in London, which lasted a good three months. It was an article in which I detailed what I really loved about the English capital: the London vibe, the energy, the stimulation, the non-judgement… The last month’s stay was quite different from the first: the ‘wow’ effect is over. This time, you blend in with the crowd and the serious stuff can begin.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been going back and forth between Nice and London several times over the last few months. In total, I was there for 4 and a half months, which gave me time to realise a number of things I missed about Nice.

1. From grey London to blue skies in Nice

Of course it’s in TOP position 🙂 After several months in London, my need for light and natural warmth resurfaced, much to my delight! I knew I had to move north to rediscover this need that I’d lost over the last two years. Since this experience in London, I’ve just been savouring the fact that I can get out of my house and discover this unbelievably beautiful blue sky.

2. Mediterranean/French cuisine

I include everything to do with French food, both in terms of products and quality: pastries, cakes, cheese, charcuterie, wine, etc.

Really, every time I travel outside France for a long time, I dream of an aperitif with red wine, cheese and good bread from a boulangerie. Although there are some incredible food addresses in London, with culinary specialities I’d never have imagined tasting one day (Malaysian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani…), my little Frenchie side didn’t wait too long to remind me that we also had some superb restaurants in Nice. The more I travel, the more I realise how lucky we are to have such fine cuisine made in France.

3. Walks in the heart of nature and at great heights

London and the surrounding area is fairly flat, although there are of course some higher ground, such as Primrose Hill to the north of Camden Town. During my last few visits, I realised just how much I needed to walk on high paths. It gives me a psychological perspective on the experiences I’m having at the moment. At the end of my stay in London, I was reading my own article on walks with a sea view on the French Riviera and I came across the walk at Fort de la Revère, which is one of my favourites. I didn’t have to wait long – 2 days after my return, I went for a walk there at 9am!

4. Coffee shops in Nice

Although London is the city of coffee shops par excellence, these London escapades have made me realise that we have some superb coffee shops in Nice that have nothing to envy London. Between Café Fino, la Popote d’Ondine, Brume coffee shop or Copenhagen Lab etc…, there’s plenty of choice that doesn’t give you a headache, it’s neither too much nor too little.

5. Driving on the middle ledge

What I love doing most in my life as a southerner: driving on the roads of the south and in particular on the Lower and Middle Corniche with my favourite playlist. It gives me an indescribable feeling of freedom in front of a landscape of great beauty. It’s an experience worth living for!

6. The scent of Mediterranean plants on the French Riviera

When I returned to Nice after a month and a half in London, I was struck by the smell of the plants in my home. It reminded me why I find it so hard to part with this region. All my senses are awakened every time: by the sound of the waves, the birdsong, the colours of the old towns, the azure blue, the smell of Mediterranean plants..

7. Sunrises and sunsets over the sea

I couldn’t write this article without mentioning the incredible sunrises and sunsets that the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region has to offer. Nice’s beaches aren’t the prettiest, but we’re still lucky enough to have some incredible spots to admire sunsets in Nice and the French Riviera.

8. Heels dance classes in Nice

Paradoxically, heels was the first reason I went to London. I had so much energy and such a thirst for a challenge that London was the perfect city in which to develop my dance skills. As a result, I was incredibly surprised by the volume of dance classes in London, it’s clearly a city made for dancers and the difference between my life as a dancer in the ‘countryside’ of Nice and in this ultra-developed capital was more than striking.

I took the opportunity to do as many classes as possible in all the major dance studios (pineapple studio, the manor london, base studio) for 4 months but after a while my body started to give out. The pace is very fast and I wasn’t conditioned, physically or mentally, for this level of demand. Although I loved seeing my evolution and progress in London, I realised that the dance classes in London were more ‘performance’ oriented, which put me off a bit in the end. I felt less aligned with that energy and I realised that the heels dance classes in Nice allowed me to feel my emotions better. Of course, the classes are fewer and slower, but at least you take the time to do the steps perfectly.

In the end…

I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no one city that’s better than another, but my experience of London is more than personal. It enabled me to rebalance a strong inner need: the need to rediscover an energy and dynamism that stimulates like never before and the need for freedom where you don’t feel judged. Conversely, when I stay in London for a while, I feel the need to go back to Nice and rediscover a slower, gentler lifestyle close to nature. It’s all a question of balance!

I also realise that a truth that we think is right at a given moment in our lives doesn’t necessarily last and can even backfire later on. Our desires and needs evolve as we go through life. Our destiny is no longer set in stone as it might have been in previous generations, but is becoming increasingly flexible through a society that takes more and more account of a process of individualisation where we are led to realise ourselves by expressing our full potential and our light. To do this, we need to listen to ourselves and take action to get closer to this new luminous truth that is emerging within us.

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1. La promenade des Anglais
2. La colline du château
3. Le Vieux-Nice
4. La place Masséna
5. La place Garibaldi
6. Le cour Saleya
7. Le port de Nice
8. La réserve de Nice
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