Where to dance Heels in Nice?

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For those of you who follow my instagram account love.ly.south_ you must have seen several videos of chicks (including me ^^) perched on 10 cm high heels dancing to shakira. I present you the HEELS DANCE! And yes, I got caught up in this new activity that attracted me so much and that I never dared to take the step. For a former hip-hop dancer, the challenge was great. Affirming my femininity and sensuality has never been my strong point but having a taste for challenge, it was out of the question for me to give up.

Once launched, how many women reacted to my videos and contacted me to have more information on this activity which requires a total letting go? I have to admit that when I posted the first few stories, I didn’t know what to expect. Was the content appropriate for my followers, used to me sharing a list of my best ice cream in Nice? In the end, I am and remain a sharer of good addresses in Nice and the French Riviera and I want to share with you the different activities I practice, whatever they are..

The feedback has been very positive to my great surprise. It was therefore obvious to write an article to give you more information on the heels dance classes in Nice.

1. The different types of Heels dances to be found in Nice

  • Fusion heels

The fusion heels dance is a type of dance that mixes tribal fusion and cabaret. It is a dance that allows you to express your deepest femininity hidden in you. For this dance, it is recommended to wear high heels that support the ankles.

  • Lady style

This type of dance allows women to improve their dance style in Latin dances. It is a sexy and dynamic dance that is essentially focused on movement, femininity and sensuality. With this dance, it is recommended to wear shoes with heels that should not exceed 7 cm to be comfortable in the movements and steps.

  • Sensual heels

More than a type of dance, sensual heels is a true personal development tool that aims to assert one’s femininity and sensuality with confidence. Several walking and balancing exercises are proposed. For this dance, it is recommended to wear high heels that support the ankles.

  • Street heels

This is a fusion of several dances that mixes urban dances such as street jazz or hip hop with heel dances to bring elegance to the movements. Like sensual heels, street heels are a confidence booster. It is also recommended to wear high heels that support the ankles.

  • Chair dance

The Chair Dance is a dance that originated in Cabaret. It is like the heels dance but accompanied by a chair in which we let our bodies express themselves sensually. They are the same heels as the street and sensual heels.

2. The different studios that offer the Heels dance in Nice

I discovered heels dancing with Fiona Du Mez during a workshop at Studio K Nice. I couldn’t sign up because of lack of space but this school offers several types of heel dancing:

Fusion heels

the lady style

sensual heels

street heels

Classes last 1 hour.

Address : 43 rue bis vernier, 06000 Nice

Phone number : 07 68 48 47 39

Email : contact@sutdio-k-nice.fr

I chose this school this year where I practice both types of heel dancing with the incredible teacher Maëva Gomez: lady style and heels dance.

The classes last 1h15 on Friday nights from 7.45pm to 9pm for lady style and from 9pm to 10.15pm for heels dance.

Address : 25 bis rue Gubernatis, 06000 Nice

Phone number : 09 73 18 85 24

Email : 25bis.artystudio@gmail.com

This is the latest one which opened recently in February 2023. I also enrolled in the Heels class at this studio. A little novelty proposed by this school, the flesh dance and I validate strongly! The classes are taught by the talented Inass Bounar every Thursday evening from 6.30pm.

The classes last 1 hour.

Address: 27 avenue Jean-médecin, Europole building, Nice Etoile tramway stop

Telephone: 07 49 26 49 68

Email: sopolendance@gmail.com

Heels in Nice is going from strength to strength, and new classes have appeared this year, notably at Madschool, a renowned dance school in Nice offering a range of disciplines.

For the Heels, it’s every Thursday evening from 7.30pm to 8.30pm with Jade.

Classes last 1 hour.

Address: 1 Rue Pertinax, 06000 Nice

Telephone: 06 35 29 85 43

Email: contact@madschool.fr




A new dance studio that opened in summer 2023. Unlike the others, it’s located in Nice Ouest (my neighbourhood, hihi). More than just a dance studio, the founder’s aim is to bring together a female community where everyone can allow themselves to explore a facet of themselves.

Heels classes are scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm for 1hr30mins.

Follow the programme closely on the instagram account, which can change at any time.

Address: 17 Bd de la Madeleine, 06200 Nice

Phone number: +33 7 45 09 20 99
+33 7 83 72 30 97

Email: MP on their IG account

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For your information, it is possible to test the courses before registering in these studios. Moreover, workshops of 2 or 3 hours are proposed by Maêva Gomez in Nice generally once a month. You will learn the basics and the technique of heels dance with a choreography to finalize the workshop.

To stay informed, don’t hesitate to follow me on my instagram account on which I relay all the information.

Love-ly-south <3

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