5 good reasons to live by the sea

Who has never dreamed of living one day by the sea, with their hair blowing in the wind, breathing the fresh sea air and contemplating the horizon? The sea, also known as “blue space”, has always fascinated people by its beauty, its prodigious virtues but also its mysterious side.

A first study carried out in 2019 by English researchers from Exeter University showed that living by the sea could reduce stress and anxiety. Moreover, in addition to the health benefits, it offers a wide range of activities.

Coming from the Paris region myself, I decided to leave everything behind and move to the seaside in order to adopt a calmer and more serene lifestyle, to live a slow life, a true art of living that consists of slowing down and taking the time to appreciate the things that surround us. In this way, I was able to compare the two diametrically opposed lifestyles and experience the positive impact of this new environment. Based on my personal experience and some studies, I have listed five reasons to live by the sea.

1. Serenity, calm, well-being

The positive impact of the sea on human psychology has been proven. From the horizon, its blue colour and the sound of the waves… These are the most natural remedies to calm the mind, anxiety, stress… It brings more serenity and contributes undeniably to a better well-being. According to the University of Exeter study mentioned above, the conclusion was clear: living less than a kilometre from the sea improves your mental health! This study is a strong argument to encourage the mayors of large cities to create more blue spaces and thus reduce cases of depression.


2. Enjoying the benefits of sea air

Sea air has considerable health benefits. The air is rich in oxygen and is made up of negative ions that are beneficial to our bodies. These small particles increase our resistance to external aggressions and allow the body to better absorb oxygen. Our lungs are detoxified and our heart rate is at its best. So we breathe much better at the seaside. That’s why I like to go for walks by the sea on the French Riviera to breathe the fresh air and admire the horizon.


3. A variety of water activities to try

They say that the sea is the best natural gym… Being able to swim at sunrise is a real luxury but it’s not the only one… Paddleboarding at sunset, snorkelling to admire the sublime seabed, kayaking, kite surfing… Here are some examples of activities that can be done when you live near the sea, which allow you to relax by combining the useful with the pleasant. Weekends come and go, but they are never the same.


4. Incredible sunsets

Living by the sea also means witnessing magnificent sunsets and/or sunrises. The beauty of the landscape has a relaxing and soothing effect on our psychology. Contemplating a sunset allows us to get in touch with nature and brings a feeling of inner peace. A positive energy is created and soothes our doubts and harmful thoughts.

The Club Metropolitan Nice gym, located on the top floor of the CAP 3000 shopping centre, offers incredible sunsets over the sea and the hills of the Col de Vence.


5. Living in the moment

No more ruminations, projections of the future or regrets of the past… living by the sea allows us to relativise and brings us back to the present moment, we enjoy it better and more consciously.

So, are you ready to try the experience?


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Bourse de commerce - Collection Pinault
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Un post pour tous les touristes et ceux qui viennent de s'installer dans le Sud mais pas que... C'est aussi une piqûre de rappel pour nous les habitants de Nice déjà installés depuis un petit moment, c'est toujours bon de pouvoir s'émerveiller 🙂

1. La promenade des Anglais
2. La colline du château
3. Le Vieux-Nice
4. La place Masséna
5. La place Garibaldi
6. Le cour Saleya
7. Le port de Nice
8. La réserve de Nice
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Color Therapy in Old Town of Nice 🌈

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